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    Helpline: +91 9152687777
    CLAT 2025 Notice APPLY ONLINE Virtual Campus Tour Video GalleryPay Fee


    May 4, 2022
    A Keynote On “How To Prepare For CLAT Exam?

    A Keynote On “How To Prepare For CLAT Exam?

    One of the toughest tasks for law aspirants is to crack Common Law Entrance Test (CLAT). It has always been advised that students aspiring to achieve their goals must start preparing from the very beginning. The students need to manage their time and prepare diligently to handle the challenge of cracking CLAT. As such, every day is important for the candidate. But since some candidates will begin preparing in the last hour, we help them by providing them with a preparation strategy which they can follow even with the shortage of time. The last moment is not about preparing, it is about doing something that sets them apart from all the other aspirants. Here are some strategies and tips for CLAT preparation:

    1. Proper Planning and Strategy –

    It is advised that the students must make a proper plan and schedule to cover the entire syllabus of CLAT. Make sure when the students plan their schedule, a proper analysis of the strengths and weaknesses need to be done, focusing more on the topics where they are weak. The challenge here is not in creating the plan but sticking to it. It would be better to keep the preparation ongoing right from the start of class 12. Even giving one hour a day or 3-4 hours per week will also be a great plan.

    2. Avoid Over-Stress –

    Besides making proper schedule for subjects and topics, make out time for proper hang out, other outdoor activities too in order to save yourself from over stress,

    3. Learn Time Management –

    The students should learn to manage their time efficiently and wisely to make a balance between speed and accuracy during the Exam. Candidates must understand that if they go with the normal speed, they wouldn’t be able to attempt all questions of CLAT, even if they know the correct answers of all questions. Candidates must focus on increasing their speed, like they must be able to read the passage and solve the questions while maintaining accuracy.

    4. Solve Previous Years’ Question Papers and Sample Papers of CLAT –

    CLAT has moved from the previous test modalities and introduced comprehension type questions. But, still, the practice from previous year question papers will be beneficial. CLAT sample papers (new and previous years) are, in fact, one of the best ways to prepare yourself. Solving sample questions will also build confidence. The more sample questions one solves, the more one will learn to tackle similar questions. The candidate will also be able to come up with shortcuts that will help solve problems faster. But make it a point to solve different types of questions.

    5. Do Not Mug Up –

    The candidates are tested for their ability in different sections. Mugging up the patterns and facts is not recommended. The reasoning and comprehension power can be developed only with practice. Candidates need to practice a lot and maintain their momentum until the day of the exam.

    6. Answer from the Passage, Not from Outside –

    Since most of the sections contain passage based questions, candidates must answer the questions from the information given in the passage only, rather than relying on one’s past knowledge.

    7. Read Newspaper Daily –

    Another thing to do is read some good newspapers daily for half an hour. It will help you to improve your vocabulary and stay updated with current affairs.

    8. Revise Thoroughly –

    It is always advisable to keep some time for an effective revision. Instead of choosing new topics, opt for old topics and emphasize on revision first. So, proper time should be dedicated to the revision.

    It is not tough job to crack the law entrance exam. What you need is to manage your time well, create a strategy and manage it, focus on your weak areas, practice previous year question papers and sample papers, and keep some time for revision. If you follow the tips mentioned above, your chances to Crack CLAT will increase.


    Author: Ms. Preeti Goel

    GGSIPU Admissions Open 2024

    Courses Offered -
    BBA | BBA CAM | BCA | B.Com(H)
    B.A.LL.B | BBA LL.B | LL.M