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    “A Right Guidance is much more important than the Speed”- Dr. Jyotsna Sinha, Director, CPJ College, Narela Delhi

    For all candidates, filling out the options is crucial because if any candidate doesn't, the institution won't take them into consideration when allocating seats. Therefore, as soon as the enrollment procedure is complete, all candidates are asked to complete the options in accordance with their unique demands. The applicants' choices are very crucial since they will all be assigned based on the choices they have made. And once the candidate has completed the choice-filling process, the university's next task is to assign the individual to the best available college. The GGSIPU also advises students to apply to as many schools as possible, as doing so will boost their chances of getting accepted, yet some students simply fill out applications for a small number of universities, and as a result, do not receive any acceptances. The choice-filling would only be applicable to the first round, after which candidates might alter, delete, or add preferences in accordance with their rank. Candidates are also encouraged to keep the printout on hand for future safety. Since the institution won't take this question into consideration once the admissions process is complete, it is only the obligation of the interested party to look into all the facilities that are offered, including lodging, transportation, food, etc.

    Process of Seat Allotment

    The candidate must print out their fee receipt for Rs 40,000, but if the website does not have a copy of it, they are urged to get in touch with the help desk crew.

    Option of Freeze/Float for the Allotment of Seat

    Candidates may select the website's "freeze" option if he or she want to enroll in the specific college where they have been offered a place. If the candidate requests an upgraded seat, the float option will operate. If a candidate chooses the float option, that college will still be assigned to them when they engage in the subsequent round of counseling, but they can still choose another institution.

    Withdrawal or Fee Refund Policy

    If a candidate wants to enroll in the particular college where they have been offered a place, they should choose the "freeze" option on the website. The float option will be used in the event that the candidate seeks an upgraded seat. When an applicant chooses the float option, they will still be given that college during the next round of counselling, but they still have the option to select another university.

    The Last Counseling Round

    The university is required to inform each candidate of the counselling procedure. However, regardless of the category, course, etc., the university always follows the same general stages. At this point, seats are converted, such as from reserved to unreserved categories and from region to region in India, but only if there are still open seats after all candidates who are eligible have been given them. Candidates who have made their Rs. 40,000 payment but have not yet frozen their seats will be taken into consideration for the sliding round. The Candidates will now be assigned seats according to their preferences, and if any reserved seats were to become vacant, they would be converted to unreserved seats.

    Sliding Round

    The university must inform each applicant about the counseling procedure. Although, regardless of the category, course, etc., the following are the standard steps followed by universities. There must be a charge of Rs. 40,000 paid. Additionally, if a candidate has not withdrawn or frozen their seat, their admittance may be taken into consideration during the sliding round. The candidates must indicate their preferences in order for seats to be assigned solely based on each candidate's desire and on merit. In order to avoid participating in the sliding round, the seat must be frozen, but only after making a part payment of Rs 40,000. All candidates must arrive at their respective institutions with the necessary documentation before the final document verification.

    Candidates must report to the Colleges

    After the institution has been chosen, candidates can print their provisional admission slips if they have paid a portion of their tuition of Rs 40,000. However, they must be aware of their enrollment number. If a candidate doesn't want their admission to be revoked, they must report to the appropriate institution with all of the necessary paperwork, payment, and letters of provision, among other things. Now that seats are still available, it is the responsibility of the institute to investigate the candidature and inform the University of its Findings. Students who have not yet received their results must visit the official website. Candidates whose admission has been finalized by their institute after completion of all formalities must follow the refund policy in order to withdraw from consideration. For more information on the refund policy, candidates should visit the official website.

    Spot Counseling

    The remaining seats will be used for spot round counselling if any seats weren't filled by candidates. The candidates must only submit the required RS 500 if they want to take part in the spot round of counselling, which has a fee of Rs. 500 to be paid. Additionally, the number of counselling sessions is flexible. All candidates would be treated as open candidates throughout the spot round of counselling. The Candidate must have passed the CET and may participate in the spot round of counselling if he did not take admission during online counselling. The spot round of counselling is open to candidates who have chosen the withdrawal option.

    How seats get Filled after Spot Round of Counseling

    Candidates must visit the official website for the full admissions process if there are still any open seats after the spot round of counseling.

    Mission of the CPJ College- 

    The College, through its various Representatives and Counselors is on a mission under which it aims to spread accurate and relevant information relating to Academics, Admissions, Placements, Internships and Counseling process in GGS IP University, Delhi. The Institution, under the direct involvement of its DG office has been ensuring that No student should be left unsupervised and unheard, especially when it comes to choosing a career and admission in any program offered by the GGS IP University. 

    All the very best to everyone- CPJ Family!