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    CLAT 2025 Notice APPLY ONLINE Virtual Campus Tour Video GalleryPay Fee


    July 27, 2023
    How to Prepare for CLAT 2024?

    How to Prepare for CLAT 2024?

    Majority of aspiring attorneys, passing CLAT is their most cherished goal. Every candidate wonders how to get ready for the CLAT. To obtain a law degree from a NLU, or one of India's Top Law schools, a high CLAT score is a requirement. It's never too early to start planning and developing your approach for achieving the best results.

    Some strategies for getting ready to prepare for the CLAT 2024 examination are as follows:

    1. Learn GK/Current Affairs Syllabus:

    It is no secret that there is no set curriculum for GK and current affairs. You cannot study from a source that will help you get ready for every question in the GK and current affairs section. The important annual awards in the fields of sports, science, literature, and the arts should unquestionably be covered.

    2. Writing Mock Tests

    Writing a few practice tests should be planned to do. But before beginning the mock exams, try to complete at least 70% to 80% of the syllabus. Aim to complete at least 6–8 CLAT previous year papers before the test by finding a good mock test series. Try to replicate exam conditions as closely as it can be , turning off your phone to reduce distractions and adhering to the time limit.

    3. Use Sectional Tests to Focus On the Areas that Need Improvement:

    The sectional tests for the CLAT are a condensed version of the longer tests and cover particular topics like the questions on legal reasoning, logical reasoning, the English language, current events, and quantitative techniques. These tests are especially beneficial for students who have taken a full-length exam and found that they performed relatively worse in one section. 

    Students can work on improving their performance and boosting their confidence by practicing that section individually through a sectional test.

    4. Learn Quick & Easy Ways:

    To prepare for CLAT 2024, it's essential to have quick calculation and response skills. By employing shortcuts, candidates will be able to complete the questions much more quickly, giving them more time to focus on other tasks and ultimately get admission into the Masters of Law program.

    5. Focus on Accuracy:

    Throughout the exam, candidates must ensure that every calculation they make is 100 percent accurate. One can lose a lot of marks if made careless calculation errors because there is a 0.25-point dedication. Additionally, it is necessary to succeed in the section on quantitative techniques. Candidates should set aside at least an hour each day to solve problems in quantitative techniques with a Class 10 difficulty level.


    It's time to get ready and put these key pieces of advice and resources for your CLAT 2024 preparation into practice now!

    Keep in mind that success in the cutthroat field of law necessitates consistent efforts, a well-thought-out approach, and efficient time management can significantly advance in CLAT 2024 preparation with persistent efforts, and give your best on exam day.

    GGSIPU Admissions Open 2024

    Courses Offered -
    BBA | BBA CAM | BCA | B.Com(H)
    B.A.LL.B | BBA LL.B | LL.M